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Technical Facility Management

On the one hand, technical management of a facility means maintaining uninterrupted functional efficiency of the appliances and installations. It also means ensuring constant supply of utilities and a number of other activities to maintain the efficiency of the building, networks and appliances from the moment of their production, takeover, through operation, maintenance and repairs, to their destruction or scrapping.

On the other hand, it is the work and commitment of employees - engineers, technicians, service technicians - experienced and qualified in various fields.

The main activities involved in technical Facility Management:

  • Operation, supervision and maintenance of technical installations, e.g.:
    • Electrical networks and appliances
    • Air-conditioning systems and appliances
    • Water-supply and sewage systems
    • Ventilation systems and appliances
    • Sanitary and hydraulic systems,
      including heating
    • Fire protection systems and appliances
    • Lifts and cranes
    • Access control and monitoring systems
    • Telecommunication systems
    • Building Management Systems
  • Regular inspections of systems and appliances, efficiency control
  • Faults and breakdown repairs
  • Makeovers and modernization
  • 24-hour Help Desk service

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