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The Service which Requires Employment of a Specialist

Gegenbauer Polska Sp. z o.o. offers the full scope of Facility Management services. Our specialists take over operation of the facility already at the beginning of the investment process; they fulfil the customer needs during the process of investment realization, technical acceptance and throughout the consecutive years of the facility operation.
Within the proposed scope of services, we can offer full technical management, operation of utilities supply, infrastructural and economic management of the facility, technical service.

We have gained the trust of Clients from various sectors across the country. Currently, we are managing buildings of the total area of 1,5 million sqm and our infrastructural maintenance embraces the area of approx. 2 million sqm.

Upon an individual order, we will evaluate your property with regard to:

  • Proper management of the building in terms of its operation
  • Efficiency of utilities consumption
  • The possibility to introduce optimization processes for energy consumption
  • The technical condition of air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Keeping proper records in the Building Log Book in terms of legal regulations

Our specialists in Facility Management will carry out an audit in your building. We will prepare an individual analysis of the needs and recommendations together with the concept of Facility Management services adjusted to the needs of a particular facility.



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VI Szkolenie FM z mocnym sygnałem dla branży

Ogólnopolskie Szkolenie Facility Management, miało również bardzo ważny akcent dla branży FM.

Raport roczny 2015

Firma Gegenbauer opublikowała raport roczny za 2015 rok.


Gegenbauer Polska Sp. z o.o., jednym z Partnerów II Międzynarodowej Multikonferencji "IBTMM 2015"

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