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Our company offers a number of specialised services which are obligatory for property owners and managers due to: construction law, insurance requirements and the concern for the comfort of users.

Cleaning of ventilation ducts

Ventilation and air-conditioning ducts are the most conducive places for formation of pollutants influencing human health. Most often these are: fungi, mould, dust and bacteria.

About 40% of pollutants in the ventilated internal air come from the air supplied by the ventilation or air-conditioning system.

Our preventive measures are not limited to the typical maintenance of cooling appliances but thanks to our tools and technological capabilities we can reach the hardly accessible places, such as air ducts. Upon order, we can clean and disinfect these ducts with the use of specialised cleaning appliances.

General building inspections

We carry out general periodic (annual, 5-year) building inspections which are obligatory for property managers and owners according to the provisions of article 62 of Construction Law.

Specialised measurements

For owners and property managers we perform:

  • Measurement with the use of a thermographic camera
  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Periodic measurement of the electrical system efficiency
  • Periodic measurement of the effectiveness and efficiency of mechanical ventilation system
  • Periodic inspections of sealing of gas installations
  • Periodic measurement of natural ventilation
  • Flow measurement


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VI Szkolenie FM z mocnym sygnałem dla branży

Ogólnopolskie Szkolenie Facility Management, miało również bardzo ważny akcent dla branży FM.

Raport roczny 2015

Firma Gegenbauer opublikowała raport roczny za 2015 rok.


Gegenbauer Polska Sp. z o.o., jednym z Partnerów II Międzynarodowej Multikonferencji "IBTMM 2015"

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